Quarter life crisis


I totally believe in the idea of a quarter life crisis.  Having just come out of one, yeah, they are real.

For some, it is brought on by a number of things:

  • no significant mate
  • not having a career, just a job
  • looking at all the other people you graduated with on Facebook and seeing them crushing it

For me though, it was the question of “sssooooooooo what do I do now”?

  • mate- check
  • 2 kids- check
  • 1 dog – check
  • home owner- check
  • career – check
  • don’t have a Facebook account

I am not crushing it by any means, but we aren’t hurting either.  My wife and I both do well.

It was more the idea that I felt like I was losing my identity.  Specifically, my identity was paralyzed on account of my responsibility.  That dream of picking up and going on an adventure with my family was squashed by a mortgage payment.  The lure of expanding into a new career and exploring new jobs was dwarfed by the security of a steady paycheck.

My quarter life crisis was a quiet uneasiness.

So what did I do?

I changed my wardrobe.

Probably should have hit the gym.  But, ehh

I changed from shopping at Kohls to Cole Haan’s. I could have found more productive ways to appease it, but this is the way I found.

And so, that is how I came to wear a pair of Cole Haan shoes today.

It’s the reason why I use the phrases life “shoe game” and “sock game”

At least they are comfortable-



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